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  • Ready To Ship! Cuddle Cup With Two Pads!

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    Up for sale one Ready to Ship cuddle with two removable pads!
    • The outside is made out of a Woodland Cotton.
    • The inside is made out of a Colorful Polka Dot Fleece.
    • The inside of Cup is lined with Two Layers of High Loft Batting for extra comfort.
    • The Bottom of Cuddle Cup is Lined With Two Layers of High Loft Batting, Plus one layer of 4D Zorb.
    • The Two removable pads are also lined with One Layer of 4D Zorb.
    • This cuddle cup measures 11 inches in diameter and 5 inches high. 
    • The opening measures 5 inches wide.
    • The pads measure 11 inches in diameter.


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